May 22, 2011

Hot Sunday-R

Yeahhh. This Hot Sunday represents last night. Fun and a little Naughty. Breaking my sobriety for the first time in a couple weeks. Another Saturday night at the beaches. We stopped at Lemon Bar first. I walked right up to the door with a 4loko, like no big deal. The cop thought differently, but surprisingly just asked me to throw it away.Very politely, in fact.
We left there and went to the main Beaches area. It was packed, felt like the beginning of summer.When we got there, a couple cops in a golf-cart like vehicle asked if we wanted a ride. They were hot. So we accepted.  Oh, and at Lemon Bar, I exchanged #'s with a lovely surfer.

I leave in like 10 days. I've decided not to take my laptop. It's going to be hard disconnecting from the Internet, but I need too. Plus, this thing would just become a pain. It's so heavy and people have traveled forever without anything. I'll be fine. I think.

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