January 23, 2011

Hot Sunday

oh snap. a reader request.

I have been very lazy today. I'm just a little disappointed in myself. I was supposed to go to Dance Trance at 5 today, like 20 min ago. Alas, I woke up at 4:49. I was awake earlier today, but I came home and thought I'd take a little nap. Uh-huh. It seems my body was tired. 

So, a reader requested a picture of me, tastefully done in the Hot posts. So, I delivered. It's not too revealing, its just my bum in a bathing suit. It's my first time putting up pictures like that. So, I hope the anon appreciates it. I hope you do too. 


flyingmunkey said...

you should definitely include yourself more often, great picture!

Tinapunk said...

Thanks! I'll try its just kinda hard to not be so self-conscious.

Aaron said...

Dude in the second pic down is a bamf.