January 30, 2011

Hot Sunday

Oh, Jake.

Afternoon, Lovelies. My weekend was pretty good. A lot more chill than last weekend. Which, I'm thankful for. I did go on a date on Friday night. It went rather well, surprisingly. He was extremely tall, but it doesn't matter much, you just have to make it work. Not, that anything happened like that. Dirty minds.

This thing in Egypt is important to follow or at least understand. It will end up affecting the world. I definitely support them in their struggle for freedom. Having their internet cut off is ridiculous. Shutting them out in the dark, but it's inspiring to see so many people, from all over the world supporting them and finding ways for them to connect. It was frustrating though, to see the Egyptian Museum ransacked and having important articles destroyed and or taken. But the people stood together and gaurded the Museum. Anyways, watch it live here. CNN is okay if you like graphs and fancy technology. And, Fox is for laughs.

Just a quick reminder, if you haven't entered my contest to win some sunglasses, you're effing lazy. Or your taste in sunglasses far excels what I have to offer you. If that's the case, I apologize.


Anna M said...

"CNN is okay if you like graphs and fancy technology. And, Fox is for laughs."

I totally agree with this statement. haha

Tinapunk said...

Haha, Thanks! It's good to know what's out there.