January 8, 2011

Empty Promises

New Year, new me?

This year, I went ahead and made a few resolutions to help push me in the right direction.

1- Lose weight. Yeah, I know, I'm a great size as is. But a very close friend told me that I'd look really good if I was 100 pounds. Which is kinda crazy, I'd have to lose like 55 pounds. See what I just did there?  55 does seems like a lot. I'm not trying to be super skinny, that will never be my goal. Instead, I just want to fit into the "normal" category with my BMI. I'm already on the right path though. Dance Trance three days a week and obviously better eating habits. That's always the hard part. You kinda need $ to buy the good food

2- Get my $ straight. I am broke right now. The 3 weeks of vacay time in Oklahoma= 3 weeks of not working. I can't afford to do that kind of shit anymore. It sucks, but as my dad likes to remind me, I'm an adult. I'm currently looking for another job. I plan on working like a crazy person for the next 5 months. I need to pay off some credit cards and save up for my Spain trip.

3-Go to Spain. I need to get out of the country at least once. This is my opportunity to just do it. I've got to get a work Visa along with my passport. Which once again, requires $. While I'm in Spain I'll be working with the WOOF program. It basically sets you up with an organic farm and you work for your room and board. I think its a great program and seems like a good time.

4-Be content with being single. I ended 2010 single, and I ain't even mad about it.  It seems that right now in my life, there's more important things to stress about. If someone happens to come along, that's great. But, I'm gonna continue to do me and that's all that matters.

5-Be a bitch. Or more simply, continue having the attitude that gets shit done/taken care of. For example, the other day I was at Macy's trying to return some shirts that were a gift. I had the receipt and everything, but there was a 6 month time limit. The cashier couldn't give me the original price from the receipt for the clothes, which is fine, but then she could only put the money back on the original credit card that purchased the clothes. Obviously, I didn't have the original card. The cashier seemed hesitant to offer any real help, but after some persistence, she called the manager. The manager fixed the problem in like 3 seconds. Seriously, that's all it took, was a little bitchiness.

That's pretty much it. I encourage everyone to look at their lives and make small changes where-ever possible. New Year resolutions are a little cliche, but sometimes that's just the thing we need to kick start change.

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