January 18, 2011

Cute and Dorky

 Theres this awesomely tacky dating website called OKcupid/OKstupid, and yes, I have a profile on there. I've met like 3 guys/1 girl and all of them were kinda weird, but some of them have been fun. Anyways, I always get these awful messages that I never respond too, even though the guys intentions were sincere.
Heres a message that a guy wrote to me, and my response. Don't worry, my accounts aren't linked and (hopefully) he'll never read this on the internet.

Crap. I noticed a couple typos in my response to him. Oh well. Hopefully he doesn't take the message personal, its just stuff that sometimes needs to be said to males/females. Running around not knowing how to communicate, its embarrassing.

p.s. I love GIFS now, if it wasn't already clear.


G said...

Why are there no comments on this post! First of all, your response to loser-cupid was hilarious and very insightful. I will never ever call a girl cute again. Second, who really doesn't want to be a bum anyway? Lastly, Joan Motherfucking Calloway is my bitch. Bottom bitch. I've wanted to steal her from Sterling-Cooper-Price for years. Awesome gif.

I love your blog and I HATE blogs so I hope this means a lil something something to you. I appreciate all the love you show us sexy brothas although now I feel like I need some tattoos to keep up.

Tinapunk said...

Ahhh, thank you, for the support! I appreciate it. I hope I did help a little, communication between males and females can suck so its good to explain things.

And, I have mad love for the brothas. For real, you should actually have some one take a hot picture of me, so I could use it. Also, I just love tattoos if it wasn't obvious already.

G said...

I'm assuming you meant have someone take a hot picture of YOU as in me, Geezy lol. I was thinking that myself. I'd love to be featured in the blog. I just wish i knew cool lady photographers in H-Town. Didn't realize how many I took for granted in Norman.

I'm always in the middle of some intense workout so the abs are in check, I'll get to workin on the pics!

Maybe I can get some awesome henna tats cuz I have no idea what tatoo to get.

Tinapunk said...

LOL, yeah I meant you. I want a picture of you! Haha. Good, get on it, and send it in!