November 18, 2009

Being 23.

Here's some of my favorite post-secrets. Enjoy.

I'm 23.
Holy fuck. I'm 23. Now, that I'm 23, I expect more out of myself, and more out of the boys I date.

Take for example, the last boy I dated...
He was painfully average, so average that I didn't give him a nickname. Although, rich boy would fit rather well. So, we go out for drinks a couple times, things are well.
We're in that beginning stage: "you're awesome" "no you're awesome" "we're awesome"
So we had started dating about 2-3 weeks before my birthday. My birthday comes around, and nothing. Rich boy doesn't even tell me 'happy birthday'.
No sir, I will not put up with that crap. I'm 23 now, not 17. I will not date boys who don't acknowledge certain important events. No, these events don't need diamonds, but a 2 dolla card from dollar general would be nice. Sadly, I don't get to end things with him.
He ends them first.... in a facebook message.
My life is awesome.
His reason for ending our dating adventure was because we have deep philosophical differences. As in, I believe there MIGHT be a god and he KNOWS that there isn't a god.
Whatever, dude.

It's life. I'll accept it.

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