January 24, 2010


Hi, I know this is a little late, but I think we get a little extra time since class just started. Anyways,
I'm Christina. I'm a 23 year old senior, I'll be graduating this May. I took this class because I've always wanted to take it for several semesters, but couldn't fit it into my schedule. I was really glad that I could fit it into my schedule this semester.
I think the most pressing issues of 2010 are self-confidence. Women and girls are constintly being told that they do no fit the mold. I feel that the mold needs to broken.
My 5 questions for this semester are:
1- Why does weight seem to be such an issue for males and females?
2- What is considered a healthy weight?
3- Are the same companies behind male and female products for beauty?
4- At what weight do males consider females to be fat?
5- Why do females feel the need to be tan?

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