October 2, 2011

A Happy Girl

i love your blog! after reading that you were tired of striving to be some plain, skinny, basic girl, & that you've learned to accept yourself the way you are, i felt really inspired. i've been struggling with my weight since the 8th grade, & that made me want to work on being comfortable with myself. thank you. :]
Wow. Thank you so much. Yeah, sometimes it’s a daily struggle, but my bff once told me,
“You might look at yourself and see a girl who has a bigger stomach, or big thighs. But, when I look at you, or others look at you, we see a beautiful girl. A happy girl.”
So, kudos to you for loving yourself the way you are, and reminding me to love myself always. :)

So that happened.  It's weird because I don't think of myself as an inspiration, not in the least. If anything this wonderful anon has reminded me to accept myself. It is sooooo fucking easy to forget that. Before I left for Spain I was working out like crazy. Going to the gym and doing dance trance at least 5x a week. And of course all of that stopped dramatically when I got to Spain. And now, I run or do yoga every other day. Just something light and something that I do on my own. I am about 5 pds heavier that pre-spain, but eh, 5 pds. 
I do feel good about myself. But, it's always a work in progress. What my Bff said, has really stayed with me. 

Theres some truth. Being "beautiful" is so subjective. The beauty companies would have us fighting to look a certain way for the rest of our lives. It's just not fucking worth it. Time is way to valuable to spend  obsessing over things that you deem unattractive. 

So, no hot people, instead go look in a mirror, and admire yourself. :)

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