October 18, 2011


Sometimes I just need silence.
Complete silence.
Only the hum of the air-conditioner.
Funny. The whole time I was in Europe,
I never saw an air-conditioner.
Sure, stores and some eating places had them,
but homes- no way. Nothing.
You just open the windows and hope it's windy and nice.
Also, no heater. Some homes did have something, like a fireplace.
Which I made fires in for the month of June.
It was that cold, that we needed fires at night.
It's because we were in the mountains.
I miss Spain.
I miss Spain so much it hurts to think about it.
I'm also in need of a good cry. A good, long cry.
A cry where you forget why you were crying,
because you've given into your-self.

Here's a horribly sad video. I'll get the tissues.


flyingmunkey said...

that song is quite powerful and could make almost anything sad. it's from a video game (dead island) and was in one of it's more controversial ads. i fell in love with the song, and listen to it quite often. http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dead-island-trailer-theme/id422905036 OR http://open.spotify.com/track/1ku6iz80ht16xPwQNglXTv there's a link for itunes and spotify (i don't know what you use :P) to it if ya ever want to hear(feel) it again without the depressing videos to accompany it.

Tinapunk said...

Oh sweet. Thanks. I'll def check it out. That song is super sad, but quite pretty.