October 9, 2011

Occupy Jax

London Protester. Spanish Paper. 
I saved this picture from a paper while I was in Spain. It's the type of picture that would never get printed in America. Never. Not only would it be deemed indecent, but it would seem encouraging to the youth.  It's true, this picture does encourage me, in fact I want to get it framed. Lol. But really.

Yesterday, I made my way down to Occupy Jacksonville part of the Occupy Wall-Street that's happening right now.  The atmosphere was super positive and everybody seemed really upbeat. I'd estimate about 300 people at it's height. A couple people spoke, but it was hard to hear. While we were marching it started raining. That didn't kill the flow, I think the lack of coordination did. We came back and waited for someone- anyone to talk. We would have listened. But no one did. And slowly and surely, we started leaving. Let it be noted that it had been raining on and off for the past 2 hrs. I ended up staying for a while. Talking to various peoples. We are having another "meeting" next Saturday. I plan on being there. All photos are mine, unless noted. 

I have a huge crush on this guy.

Ran into some friends.

Fuck Yeah.

It started pouring as soon as my friend took the picture. Or I'm just a really happy protester.

Had traffic blocked. Picture from here.


Also, I did see some media present, but the one media that I saw was talking to the ONE tea party counter-protester.  It's so frustrating, but that's why we are our own media. We have to be the ones to spread the truth about what is going on. 

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