October 16, 2011

Occupy Jax Pt. 2 -Updated

Photo from Evey Lennon

Hey kids. This sat was Occupy Jax 2nd G.A. meeting I was about 30 min late, but it had only just started when I got there. They started the General Assembly in the park, but some scheduled religious event started happening and forced us to move to the dog park. Apparently they had a permit to play music and what not, but yet, we're not allowed to have megaphones. At the time it seemed like an attack on us, which quite a lot of people made it out to be, including me. Yelling, "This isn't about religion." Whoops.  

So, once we re-assembled at the dog park we talked about a couple different things. First it was general announcements, followed with groups. There were tons of groups, I ended up joining Arts, Yoga/Mediation, and the Library one.At the end we marched to City Hall and planned our next meeting. I've been thinking about the actual good something like Occupy does, and I really think, if nothing else, you are bringing people together. People who have the same interests, the same concerns. We've said our peace and haven't lost anything in the process. If feels good knowing that we are part of a world-wide movement. 

Also news channel 4 was there, which is pretty cool. The story they ran was pretty legit and non-biased. Check it out. 

 All photos mine, unless noted. 

Florida's current governor
Such a beautiful day.

Love the palm tree

Our supplies for the day. :)

All videos are from October 15, 2011

 Barcelona, Spain.

Rome, Italy.

D.C. Washington. The capital. 

Fuck yes. ALL over the world, guys.

I encourage everyone to think about getting involved. It's never too late.


Debbie Rhoden said...

Well, done!!! I'm proud to be able to post this on my page! Thank you for describing the GA process so clearly. We are losing people who are not understanding what the movement is about. We may support their issues but we have to be true to the movement. Peace ...


Tinapunk said...

Hi Debbie,

Thanks so much for those kind words. I really appreciate it. When I wrote this, I didn't intend to share on such a large scale. But I'm glad it helps with the explanation of the movement.
Hope to see you at next Saturday's meeting.