October 19, 2011

Friday Funday

Because why not?


Looks like a Gentleman. :)

Love Love Love

Oh, Lenny.

hot DAMN.  I like this batch of hot people quite a bit.

It's Friday. Which I am extremely thankful for. I've been working full time these past two weeks, and it's not so bad, except I started doing yoga. I signed up for this $40 for 40 days plan at this local studio at the beach. The classroom temp is a nice 89 degrees. I leave drenched. It's amazing and I know my body is grateful. It just means, I'm exhausted. It makes me want to be a hermit. Work, Yoga, and that's it. That actually sounds pretty good to me. But, alas I can't be a part-time hermit. There's shit to do. Always shit to do.

And this is really all I want to do.

Occupy Jacksonville tomorrow!

1 comment:

Ian said...

You're too good at finding all the hot people. You should be signed up for the chair position on the international committee on sexy people, or something.