April 5, 2010

Destination: Partyville, USA

So I graduate in like, a month and half. Holy Shit. That is crazy. Most people that are graduating in May already have a job and have interviewed at like 3 different jobs/colleges depending if they want to go back to school or if they want to start the grind right away.
I however..... went to one interview and have not applied anywhere else. Honestly, I'm just glad that I'm graduating.
The one thing that I'm positive about is moving out of Norman. My connection to Norman only stems from going to college here, which wasn't even for 4 solid years.
Currently, my plan is to move back in with my dad, Alberto in Jacksonville, Fl.  I'm actually pretty excited about this plan... I used to live with him when I was 13 and loved riding my bike to the beach everyday. I miss the beach more than anything.

    That will be my bridge. I'll cross it when I got to the city for work.

  That last image makes my heart sing. I'm going to end up a beach bum this summer... I can feel it.

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