April 18, 2010

Blog # 8

When the someone asks, "whats a stereotypical male?" A few things usually pop into my mind.
Those things are: strength, tall, athletic, hunter, likes beer, and likes women. I've found a few characters that remind me of the stereotypical male.
James Bond is the ultimate male. Hes tall, dark and handsome.
Mr. Bond knows how to use a gun and always protects the females. Our society expects males to be able to protect females, as well as knowing how to use weapons. 
 Oh, Steve Irwin. Its too bad your death was untimlely. 
Steve represents the stereotypical male because he was always ready for an adventure. Not only did he enjoy adventures, but he loved animals. I debated on posting either a picture of Steve, or a picture of a hunter. I chose Steve because, even though he didn't hunt animals he still lived for the adventure.

  The Old Spice Guy. This guy pretty much combines everything from the other guys into one nice package. Literally. This guy seems to have it all. The good thing about this advertisement campaign, is that Old Spice didn't use a white guy.

These men are just a few examples of stereotypical males. I think the stereotypes surrounding men are just as damaging as the ones that surround women. Stereotypes in general usually have no bearing, men are unique. I think that stereotypes affect the way we, as human view people all the time. Sometimes, one unconsciously makes a judgment based on stereotypes, sometimes its not unconscious. Stereotypes affect women, just like they affect men. Men will look to the ads and the TV shows and compare themselves to those men featured. If the men feel that they don't stack up to the famous men, their self-esteem could be damaged.

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