April 11, 2010

Blog # 9

This ad is very sexist, the idea that if you make a mistake , your husband can beat you, is awful. This ad is harmful because its promoting abuse.

This TV commercial is horrid. I don't understand why some people think its ok to teach girls that the biggest thing they can dream for is a house.. with a washer and dryer.

I'm not even sure what this ad is promoting, but I know that its not blow dyers, it could be something else. Like blow jobs..... This ad is harmful because the product is towards females, but the ad itself is focused on male pleasure.
"Blow in her face"  Really? This is beyond awful. 

What are women good for?? Absolutely nothing...except cooking!!! 

All of these advertisements do the same thing: put women down, and put men on a higher pedestal.  The media has influenced almost every aspect of people's lives. Their impact on me, I feel has been minimal. I feel that my opinion about men and women has come from my own experiences dealing with the different sexes.  I normally point things out to my friends and family when I see something particularly sexist.  I point out a lot of movies. The movie industry likes to promote a certain type of female and they hardly promote any other type. 

When I think about feminism, I think about young and old women who are fighting for the social cause. I picture women standing together and fighting against the social causes.  I think my associations about Feminism have changed throughout the years. Most of them have come from my own  research about the topic.

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