April 21, 2010


Respect for yourself is important.
If you don't have respect for yourself, why would you except someone else to respect you?

Theres certain types of behavior that just scream a lack of self-respect. Now, I'm not one to throw stones when I live in a glass house. I know that I have had plenty of drunken nights and done some ridiculousness.

The problem I have with these pictures stems from the fact that this is our generation...this is what will be taught to little girls...its what they're already learning. 
It makes me sad. Girls are starting to take any type of attention as good attention, and are equating their self-worth with attractiveness. "If I guy wants to dance with me, I feel better about myself" Hell, we all feel better after dancing with someone else attractive, but at what cost??

I feel old because I don't understand this dancing. When did this become an acceptable form of dancing??

And whaaaaaaaa??

and p.s. the pictures are from club 101...in Norman. OH SNAP!

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