October 25, 2010

Girl, your curves are kickin


I'm sure I've talked about this before, but it's been a while and I feel like it will always be a relevant issue. I've lost about 6 pounds since I've moved to Florida, but it's not nearly enough. I feel like I need to lose more to become more attractive.  I long for the days when curves really were celebrated. Also, when I say curves, I just don't mean large breasts.    


Our society likes to pretend  its "curvy friendly" as if accepting Kim Kardashian is enough.  The fashion industry said it was moving away from stick-thin models, but the truth of the matter is, its not. We're still being shown images that are photo-shopped beyond recognization. There's the occasional "thick" model thrown in for a "special appearance".  See Beth Ditto's modeling career.   


Today, I was watching The View and Janet Jackson was a guest. She admitted to having really low self-esteem at certain points in her life. It's so sad, everyone is a victim of the media. EVERYONE.  I don't have a solution. I wish I was able to say that its easy to rise above it all, but it's not. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is a good start though.  Lots of change is happening within the female community. There's been love your body day and other positive events.  The change seems to be happening with-in ourselves, with-out the media's involvement. So, women keep on being positive about your beautiful bodies and remind other women that they're beautiful as well.   Also, lets try to keep the yearly Halloween costume judging to a minimum.     


Anonymous said...

Christina, you are an amazing woman, and you overflow with feminine beauty. Don't worry about the "skinny bitch" status quo. To me, you are the epitome of curvaceous perfection, and sex incarnate. Don't feel bad about your body, and fuck what you heard. I've always thought you looked like a goddess since I first me you.

Michal Zaričňak said...

Hey there :),

just an enquiry question - where does the top picture come from? I fell in love with it immediately and would really like to know some more - about the model, the logo in bottom right... Any help please?

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