October 18, 2010

Apocalypse Boots





Cardigan- Urban Outfitters
Dress- Ross
Socks- American Apparel
Boots- Delias.com
Rings- Target, Tia, Forever 21
 Purse- Ross

The boots I'm wearing are going to be the boots I wear during the Apocalypse. It's not to say that I want the world to end in a crazy ridiculous way, but I wouldn't mind it. I mean, it would really change things up. 

My dad is currently "remodeling" the house. It's funny because he's had the house for 10+ years and  he definitely just let it go. Things started to break, as they do and he just quit repairing. I've only been here for about 3 months but we've already made some headway.  Currently, we're painting the living room. It sucks though, cause the previous owners loved border wall-paper,  which is a pain in the ass to take off.  I should take some pictures for before and after, I just know that I won't have after pictures for at least 2 months. Yeah, its like that.

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SEESTER said...

Taylor Momsen.
You look adorable.
I loveloveloveee the last picture<3