September 27, 2010

Tough Love

Outfit Post





Tank- Block Party
Place-Internship Meeting

A couple weeks ago, I was chilling outside after a storm and I looked to my left and saw a freaking double rainbow. It was pretty amazing. I love the storms that we get out here. Even, though some of them are ridiculous. I've always had a desktop weather program and its kinda weird when I get notifications about high-tides and coastal flooding. 

Anyways, I was feeling a little dark that day and dressed to my mood. It's easy to get down when you feel lost. Part of me wants to stay living with my dad and save my money and just go to Europe for like 4 months next summer and the other part wants to get my own place, plus another job and really start my life here...

1 comment:

Seester said...

Why must you always look freaking adorable?
I need to just move there,mums doing her best
to make it impossible though.
I may just have to wait until I finish school to
come up there,which I would rather not do.
You're beautful,and I am proud of you.