September 21, 2010

KIDS are cute


I've only been a substitute for 3 weeks now, but I've definitely learned some pretty basic things. Dealing with children everyday  takes a special soul. Well, either a special or demented. Some people don't know how to deal or talk with children. My experience doesn't just come from subbing; it also comes from years of being an older sister and always being involved with children.

1- If you let one kid do it, every kid has to do it.
         - This is a pretty simple concept, but it mostly extends to times when there are lots of children around. For instance, I let a boy move to another desk and then everybody wanted to move.

2- Always over estimate the amount of time needed for a kid to get ready. 
        -Little kids have a really weird concept of time. For them everything is happening in that one little moment. Saying something like "we're going to leave in 10 min." doesn't really mean anything to them.

3-Never judge a book by its cover, therefor treat all kids equally.
        - I always love it when a kid surprises me. It's easy to subconsciously form a opinion about someone based on their clothes or behavior, but you never know what someone can do intellectually. 

4-Children will love you in a instant for just listening to them. 
       - I love this picture of Obama. The story goes: The little kid asked Obama if he had hair like him. Obama didn't only say "Yes", he leaned down and let him see for himself. Absolutely adorable.

5-Always know when to draw the line or take a picture.
         - Again, another simple one. Children can be bad, like real bad. Sometimes, I don't even think they realize how bad. Even though, they can be terror on wheels, its important to try and smile and not take anything personal. 

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