September 9, 2010

Fairwell, Summer...

The official end of Summer is less than twenty days away.  In some ways, I'm not ready for summer to end, but I can't wait to go outside and not have my face covered by sweat after 5 minutes. Seriously, kids, I have sweated more here than I did in Oklahoma fo sho. One could argue that I came to Florida during the hottest months and that I left Oklahoma at its coolest. I am going to argue against that. My face never used to sweat, I could do Zumba like a crazy person and always have a dry face. I go running here and my face looks like its melting after 5 min. A good thing is that I've been drinking water like a mofo.


I've collected a few summer pictures to help you say, your goodbyes. This summer has been a blast and has definitely taught me some life lessons.
1) Never put all the bills in your name 2) Trust should be earned  3)Forgiveness isn't a given  





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Anonymous said...

I love the last picture!! She's gorgeous.