September 16, 2010

Is it Fall yet?

Outfit Post





Shoes-Charlotte Rouse
Earrings- Forever 21
Place- Internship Meeting

I'm so ready for fall. Even though I already layer a lot, I'll be layering even more.  So it seems my last entry was just too much for the Sailor.We ended things because if we weren't on the marriage path, he felt like he was wasting his time. Pfft. I didn't get my degree in Mrs. For now, I'm really going to focus on my career and getting money in the bank.


Anonymous said...

Looking good pretty lady :)
I wish I had your sense of style, and that I wasn't too lazy to look nice any time besides the weekend. And I like how you stood up to the sailor. Nice. I enjoy your blog so much, especially when I'm avoiding my studies :)


Anonymous said...

i love it!!!!!

Tinapunk said...

Thanks Lizz, I'm glad you're able to fit in some free time.
And thanks, Anonymous person too.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry things didn't work out for you, but somehow I always knew that being tied down wasn't for you. You're kind, sweet, intelligent, and beautiful. I hope you find somebody right for you when/if you're ready. I don't regret much in life, but I regret that much chance at that has already passed.