September 12, 2010

A little encouragement


Dear Obama,

I still have faith in you. I just don't know if the rest of the people who voted for you two years ago feel the same way. I think you need to ignite the passion back into the people. The tea party has tons of passion, and the democratic party should start to emulate their resilience. I am thankful for everything that you have done for this nation. Health Care, ending the war in Iraq, and lowering taxes for the middle class are just a few of the things that have moved this nation into a more positive direction.


I know the problems in our Nation are not the cause of one political party, but it helps if things are kept in perspective. I understand that as a President your ability to change things only goes so far, the majority of the power rests in the hands of the House and Senate.  I look forward to the other changes that you will help bring and I will continue to support you. I just hope the rest of the nation can start to support you as our President and give you the respect that you deserve.




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