September 24, 2010

Fashion Rant


 Since, I'm not doing an outfit post today, I thought I'd rant a little about the trend of Not-Wearing Pants. I will be the first person to fess up to wearing short bottoms. Whether they are skirts, dresses or shorts. I understand fashion, but let me tell you, there's a limit. If people can see your vagina, it's too short. Celebrities like to not wear pants, and I guess they can get away with it. Hey, they're celebrities for a reason.  Taylor, you don't count as a celebrity. Plus, you're like 16 years old.

I understand wanting to look hott. Hell, everyone wants to look attractive. There's a fine line though between hott and well, slutty. I also, understand just not giving a fuck, which is how Taylor feels. She's been quoted. So, please lets remember pants before we leave the house. Oh, and I think leggins can count, as long as the shirt covers the camel toe.




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