September 1, 2011


Theres is still much to be said about Spain. After 2 weeks back in the states, I am still struggling to put the events into sentences. Struggling to really comprehend everything that I experienced and felt. There was one city in particular that I found quite enchanting. 

Burgos, Spain. In the north western side of the country. The city is most famous for its Cathedral. A giant church built in 1221. 1221. This church was Tona's view from his window. I would sit on the window sill and read, while Hendrix played on the record player. Like is this real life?

   I spent a total of 8 days there spread out during my summer. There were these amazing little bars. Everytime I went out, Tona always took me to a new bar that had something a little extra. Something a little different. They were unique and not just your standard bar with top 40 music playing and sports crap on the walls. God, I hate those places. 

Bar Patillas. Which literally translates to Sideburns. Hell yeah. It's an extremely old bar that's centered around Spanish guitar. While I was there the bartender was playing a little and the guy dancing in the top picture was singing. It's a good bar to start the night with. 

So yeah. I miss Spain, can you tell??
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and more importantly...

 do ya'll want Hot Sunday back?????


Ian said...

Welcome back, Christina! Glad you had an awesome time in Spain, and I'm totally envious of your world-traveling awesomeness.

And yes, Hot Sunday is always the best sunday.

Tinapunk said...

Thanks, Ian! It was amazing. Don't be jealous. Go create your own adventures.
And, I will be doing hot sunday this sunday. :)