September 18, 2011

Para España

Yep. She's a day old and my new favorite. It's a little large, but eh. It's still definitely hide-able. Especially when I was thinking about getting those words in a chest piece. My dad saw it earlier today...

Dad: Is that new?
Me: Yeah....
Dad: It's big.
Me: Yeah....
Dad: *Shrugs* and walks away

I'm glad I didn't get a lecture. It's funny, cause when I first started subbing I thought, administration would comment on my appearance. I've never heard anything except, "What is that on your calves?"  And I actually enjoy talking about tattoos with students. It gives me a  chance to talk about the dangers of home tattooing and more importantly the dangers of a shitty tattoo.  A shitty tattoo can haunt you for ages.  But, people seem to be way more accepting of them. At least, that's what I thought.

And because of that bullshit CNN story, here's some hot tattooed people...

From Kreayshawn
Jessica Clark- Gurl is covered.


Anonymous said...

I liked talking to my students about my tattoos as well and it was funny when they'd notice i had a clear retainer in for my lip ring. But administration never said anything about my tattoos.. they aren't too showy and none are offensive.

I'm noticing more and more teachers having them nowadays. I don't think we'll ever get to the point that full sleeves and visible chest pieces are acceptable in the education profession, but I sincerely hope we do.

I'm pretty upset about that CNN post... that's how my mom views people with tattoos and piercings but there are SO SO many people i know that are like "straight edge" with tattoos... Tattoos are expression. The tattoo culture and drug culture do not go hand in hand.

Tinapunk said...

Hey, thanks for commenting. Yeah, I agree completely. Hopefully one day full sleeves will be okay. I think in some places it probably is okay. I mean, come on, the pay is soo small, you might as well be able to do as you'd like.
Where do you teach?