September 2, 2011

Friday Night Jam

El Guincho. He's a spanish artist. I found out about him in Spain. but when I saw the video, I thought, so that's where that GIF is from.

  Thanks, Internet, for stealing crap, mixing, splicing it, so in the end no one knows where anyone gets anything anymore.

 He has a nice sound, thats a little island with rock influences. It helps that 1- He sings in Spanish 2- He's totally attractive 3- This video is the shit.
Boobs. Guns. 70's attitude.


Ian said...

Not to flood you with comments, but that video was pretty awesome!

I knew the introduction sounded familiar, though, because it's exactly what Carl Sagan says in the first episode of his Cosmos series. Had to wait until the very end for confirmation but it was totally worth it.

Tinapunk said...

Lol. Don't worry about flooding me with comments, I love it. And I'm just glad that someone is enjoying the shit I put up.