April 26, 2011

The Youth

Seriously, every time I teach I have to tell at least 3 kids, to put their cell phones away. Usually I get some attitude too.

Me: Hey, I know you think you're slick, but you need to put away that cell phone.
Them: What???? (Confused look on their face)
Me:  The phone in your hand, by your side.
Them: Ohhh.
Me: Yeah, put it away, now. (Usually I just stare at them, until they put it away)

   But then, I say things like, "If everyone finishes their work, I'll let you have free time, which includes listening to your ipods, but not including cell phones." Am I part of the problem or the solution? I lean towards solution, because cell phones and ipods aren't going anywhere. Incorporating them as a reward seems like a good compromise.  But, lord almighty, if I see another 3rd grader (8 years old) with a cell phone, out....

Who are you texting? Yo mama? Ur friend in the classroom right next to ours? And why do you have a iphone???

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