April 20, 2011

Cool Kids at Coachella

 It's fucking summer already. Which means music festivals, parties, fashion. Here's a roundup of my favorite outfits at that one festival in California. Let's judge the rich kids.

I love this look. The shoes are perfect with the lightness of the skirt. I also love the hair.

Apparently, Navajo is in right now. It's a cute look if you're Native American.

Recent PR winner Gretchen Jones. I love the reference to the 40's.

Hot. Rompers are little hard to pull off, but she's doing it very well.

You're doing it wrong. This look just annoys me. Maybe it's the double dose.

I want to go on a picnic and then thrifting with this girl. It looks effortless.

Kelly, my dear, you've grown up. I just hate the shoes, but everything else is spot on.

Perfect. This is a girl, who's there for the shows. Her look is fashionable and practical.

It's done. It's in stone, no turning back now. I finally bought my ticket to Barcelona, yesterday. I can't believe I'm going. I'm a little terrified. I'm worried about being lost, not having enough $, and that's really it.
I'm just living like a rich kid, even though, I'm anything but that. I've saved some $, but not nearly enough. I need to sell some blood or some clothes or ask people who love me to donate to me. I still need a camping backpack and boots of some kind.

Want to get some essential musical festival fashion items? Guestofaguest 
First 3 photos from Harper's Bazaar.
All other photos from Refinery29.

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