April 14, 2011

A side of Bacon

I've been postponing this entry for a hot minute. It's a topic that's a little hard to discuss sometimes. Something easy to ignore and something people are often ashamed of: Personal Health

My health has been on the back burner. I've been eating better and working out, and I've only seen small results on the scale. Thankfully, my mom put me on her health insurance and I've been taking full advantage. I had been to the doctor a couple times before the fiasco in Houston, but hadn't really discovered much. Since then, I've had blood work twice. A couple weeks ago, I met with my doctor to discuss the results. Both conditions are the result of genetics, even though, I still feel like it's my fault. 
1. High Cholesterol. - Not really a big deal.
2. Pre-Diabetic Type 2.- It still hasn't really clicked. When he told me, I sort of just let the words hit me and  bounce back off. It's a good thing that I caught it now and not at 40 years old. I don't have to give myself shots or even check my blood sugar. I just have to be completely aware of my body and make some small changes. Alcohol is no longer on the menu. I will now and for the rest of my life have a 2 drink minimum. Which will be extremely difficult. I want to drink a 6 pack  and eat a whole chocolate cake with a side of bacon.

Anyways, I feel like I'm old and I have my medicines. (Warning: Period Talk Ahead) Speaking of medicines, being off Birth Control is lovely. Absolutely lovely. My periods have gone from 5 days to 2. My acne has mellowed out a ton. I don't cramp as bad.  All these positive things are supposed to happen when your on birth control, not off of it. I'm probably just weird that way, but then again, maybe the birth control is set up like that. Too make your body cramp more and bleed more. Why? So you'll buy more products. This is of course, just a theory. Also, if you're having sex you should be on some form of protection, pulling out DOESN'T COUNT.

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