July 14, 2012


It's 3:25 am. Most people have left the party save for about 6 lonely souls who will most likely welcome the morning sun. It's the end of my sister's party. I'd like to think it was successful. The beginning of the party started with the arrival of some of my friends. We began with a game of circle of death. That game is always a good ice breaker.
It's hard to not sound racist. And most of the time when people say, it's hard to not sound racist it's some racist bullshit. BUT ANYWAYS, there was a large amount of black guys. The ratio of black guys to everyone else was differently larger. It provided for an interesting night.
There was some drama with people. As there always is when people consume substances. I like to watch people's true self come out.
I don't want to be all introspective right now, after several jello shots and beers, and other things.
But honestly, that's all I'm finding right now. I know my true self is fucked up. I get weird when I drink. And I feel like I don't know how to react to people saying how attractive I am. Like I realize I'm hot. But to be told by x amount of people in a night. It makes me re-calculate some things.
I also know that I'm slightly crazy. But honestly, fuck it. It is what it is. And I fucking love myself. And wouldn't change a damn thing. FOR NOBODY.
Tonight, I'm going to fall asleep next to one of my best-friends. I feel good. I feel happy. And I know that everything is going to eventually work out.


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