December 16, 2011

Making Plans

In about a week, I change my life all over again.
I have yet to live in one location for longer than a year. I live there for about a year and                                                                then my heart starts to wonder and my mind starts making plans.
I am the queen of plans. I make to-do lists and do #4 without looking at the rest of the stuff for days.
But somehow, moving and  driving across the country is ice-cream and pie.

 When I moved down to Jacksonville back in the summer of 10, I thought I knew what I wanted. I thought things would be simple and was excited to make my life work here. But such a huge piece was missing: My family
They are one of the main reasons for moving back to central U.S.
And the idea of starting a family (even if it's years down the road), without my family semi-close by seems ridiculous. I don't need to live in the same town, or even the same state, but it's 3 hr. drive vs. a 20 hr. drive.

I'm driving straight to Tulsa, staying through Xmas (maybe new years) and then my final destination will be Ft. Worth. I'll have my cat with me. So, just my cat and I.  I plan to give her this Calming Travel Crap. Otherwise I'll have to hear her complain the whole time.

Bjork & A Cat

I really don't know what life will bring next. But I refuse to let my life become stagnant.


p.s. Moar Cat Gifs

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