June 11, 2010

The Sun and heels...

So, I haven't dressed up to the max since Austin. Sometimes it hard to give it everything you've got, because you risk looking way out of place when everyone is wearing flip-flops and you've got on killer heels.

Here's some inspiration for you and me:

I probably still won't wear heels tonight... I've been feeling down lately. Its weird, its like I have one day where nothing seems to be in alignment. It started with lunch, which was terrible. I suppose it really wasn't my fault that it came out too salty, but either way, it was a lot of effort for nothing.  Then I made a fool of myself to people that don't even know me... why do I even care??  Oh, also, the last picture is from LoveMaegan. Another adorable fashion blog, she does great tutorials and posts pictures of her outfits quite regularly.

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