June 15, 2010

Lezs be honest...

[Warning: this post deals with highly personal issues, if you are family, you might not want to read, and if you do don't mention it unless its positive]

The experience that I have dealing with lesbians has come from various sources:
  • Reading- Over the years I've read tons of literature, everything from BUST magazine, to cheesy erotic stories.
  • Watching- I love netflix because I can search through categories like 'Gay and Lesbian' and expand my knowledge base.
  • Interaction- I have tons of friends of all different backgrounds..
  • Random Hookups- Now, let me preface to say, these 'hook-ups' are not as glamorous as they sound... One was when I was younger and didn't know anything, and the other ones have involved the male gender as well, so I don't really count that as full experience. 
Lets just say, that I want to cross over, but I find it extremely intimidating and don't know where to even start with women. I suppose normal flirting is always a good standard.  But, its also irritating because I hear lesbians say sometimes, "ugh, I just don't want to teach a baby dyke

                                                 Is there some crash course book or something?  


Krystal said...

I've always felt really intimidated by the whole process of trying to date girls, too. I get all insecure about my lack of experience, and it doesn't help that so many lesbians seem not to want anything to do with bisexuals. Then you realize that there are only so many bisexuals out there, and most of them end up with men because they're easier and more familiar. (Oh no! I'm part of the problem! Haha..)

Since I've never found a cure for this, I can't offer much advice, but it does help me to remember that any girl who has that shitty attitude is probably not the type of girl that I'd be interested in anyway.

Tinapunk said...

Hmm, thats definitly true. Bisexuals seem to be the outcasts of LBGTIQ club.
I'm going to try and break that cycle though, I'm going to stop dating boys. I feel like its that simple. I'll let you know how it works out..