May 5, 2009

Girls with big bellies.

Ah, teen pregnancy. Such a big issue. Honestly, its not just teen pregnancy, but pregnancy in general. Its seems as if, any girl from a hippie to a PhD graduate just goes nuts for children. Why?

Why in this economy, would you have a child if you are not:
1)Emotionally Stable
2)Financially stable
3) Physically Stable

Now, these are just my recommendations before having a kid, I'm not an expert or anything. When it comes down to it, I'm just tired of hearing of young girls expecting kids, or even not young girls, but maybe early twenties, and they're still fucking excited, like its a puppy. Its a child. A child!
A child that you will have full responsibility for. I'm not promoting abortions here, I'm promoting safe sex. I'm talking about, those girls who are smart, independent, but are still using the "pull-out method".....I'm calling you out!
Go to the health clinic! I have been receiving free birth control for about 7 years, thank you government! Its not scary, its not weird, its natural, and RESPONSIBLE.

Norman Health Department: 405-321-4048
(Go ahead and get tested while your at it. Boys, do the same, please!!!)

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