May 3, 2009

How was the quality of your night?

How was the quality of your night? Most people forget about quality. Having good quality clothes, good quality values...
Well, the quality of tonight was suburb. Excellent, I would say. I went to the Norman north prom to take pictures with party pic, that was fun.....sorta. I mean if your idea of fun is hanging around Youngins, grinding on each other.... ewwwww. Granted I loved my prom. I dressed up and my then boyfriend had a major Mohawk, so it was kinda cool, in that I'm young and naive type of way. But I definitely didn't regret going.

Awww....she wore flip flops and they match.

Anyways, afterward B picked me up and we went to a party on Castro street. That party was a good one. B and I are really big party snobs. Its sad but true, we've left parties after one minute of arriving before, because we've deemed it uncool. There were some cute boys at that party. But I feel like boys don't talk to strange girls anymore. Its like they need to be introduced to them, before they can talk to them. Or maybe thats just me, and boys just don't want to talk to me. :( ha. Anyways, we had some fun there, drank our champagne out of the bottle. Glasses, we don't need no stinkin glasses!

I'm totally the girl in this movie......

Then we went to the hippie house, there was a 60's dance party, there were only about 15 or so people at this one, and while I was dancing....I fell. I lost balance, and fell right on my booty. It was totally embarrassing. I just got up and laughed my ass off, because of course, only I would fall on my ass. Haha.

Conversation between me and B after leaving H.H.

B: So don't take this the wrong way....
Me: What?
B: you know i used to think you were so cool, like that girl christina, man i want to be her friend.
Me: aww, thats sweet.
B: then, i started hanging out with you, and I realized, you fall, you fall a lot.
Me: (silence...then laughter)
B: no, i mean....hahahahaha

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