April 20, 2009

Important Issues

There are so many important issues to me, its really hard to just choose one. The two that most concern me 1) Sex education, comprehensive sex education, that everyone has access too
and 2) Self-appreciation

The first one is important to me, because the percentage of teenage pregnancies is rising, and I believe many are pressured into not only having the baby, but keeping the baby. Many are not fully aware of their options. Even if one knows of all the options, but still is told of the options in a negative light, it is not fair, and she should have equal representation of all her options. But even before a girl is pregnant, she should have access to birth control pill, and condoms.

The second is issue is important, because every girl should love her self, and feel adequate, no matter what her size is, her age, her height, her IQ, nothing should make her self-loathe. The daily barrage of images representing what one woman should look like, is frightening. Honestly, scary.

The organizations, I found that address these problems, is planned parenthood and I didn't really find a organization specifically formed for the self-esteem of teenage girls. This is something I believe I could create in the future. I feel that it is integral for the growth of these young women, to have a good base in their love of themselves.

FIFE ch. 18
Women and religion. Women and religion, honestly, I almost wonder if its like oil and water. In most religions woman is unequal the man, and this ideal is promoted. It really bothers me that women have this much inequality in religions. The fundamental Christians really have twisted the ideal of a perfect women, into a women who stays at home, raising her children, and cooks, cleans, and most importantly is Satisfied, and if she's not satisfied, well then she is ungrateful.
Its really sad.

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