April 6, 2009


My favorite NGO organization, is Planned Parenthood. I believe that this organization works hard to promote sexual education, as well as STD prevention. They give free condoms at their locations, and will talk to any body who has questions. This organization receives a lot of picketing because PP, will fully educated girls about their options when they are pregnant. I have and would donate money to planned parenthood.
This is a gender issue because they care about women, all aspects. I receive emails all the time alerting me about certain things, if I need to call a senator, they give me the phone numbers to do so. This organization does not promote abortions, it promotes education.

Ch. 8 FIFE
Global feminism is really important. Global Feminism is my group project issue, and I believe it be a very important issue. Female circumcision, sex-slaves in countries all over the world, no education for females, these are all important issues that need to be remembered. Its easy to forget about the other women all over the world, whom are struggling to survive. Western woman have done much to connect women all over the world, erasing class and ethnicity.

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