October 16, 2012

State of things:

1- I'm going to be in a fucking pageant. Yup. It's not exactly how it sounds though. The show raises money for domestic abuse and it's sort of an anti-pageant. With the swimsuit portion being a representation of the end of the world. I chose Zombies, obviously. It's going to be crazy and it's at the end of this month. Only 2 weeks away!!! I'm so excited to dress up and look totally hot. (as a zombie going to the beach.  Or a girl who got bit while at the beach.)

2-Honduras is less than 3 weeks away. Still not quiet sure where I'll be sleeping.

3-My sister and I have a very delicate relationship. I don't know we just bicker sometimes. Maybe it's embedded in our DNA. That would suck. But, I wonder if coming from a dramatic upbringing makes a difference or not. I'm just tired of fighting. But, as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow we won't stop fighting. And as sure, as the moon will set, we'll love each other always.

4-Apparently, theres this new type of relationships called: Sexclusive. That's where you only sleep with one partner. You might have other "flings" or such. But, you only sleep with that one person. I think this is a bunch of MALARKEY. This is just a fancy name for fuck buddy. People can do what ever they want, sleep with whomever and such, but there's no reason to invent new terms.

4.1. WHERE ARE THE MEN WHO WANT TO BE IN RELATIONSHIPS and not just sexclusive? I've found lots of those type. I suppose I only attract those types.
I'm over it.

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