October 1, 2012

My Jam/Body Revolution

Yes, it's ridiculous. But that's Christina for you.
I think she looks gorgeous and fuck all the haters saying, "She looks fat." They need to get with reality. Stick thin is not healthy, unless that's how you look naturally.

I go back and forth on my body. But, I really have to remember that most of the pressure I have to feel thin, comes from society and the media. And fuck them.

Lady Gaga has recently come up with a lot of hate for putting on weight. She went from an estimated 95 to 120. Yup, and critics are saying she's fat. Society, ya'll. Thankfully though, Lady Gaga is fighting back with a body revolution. Hopefully, it will last.

I just hate how people think it's okay to judge and comment on other people's bodies.
Lady Gaga just like Christina look gorgeous.
But Lady Gaga kills it, in this Versace.

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