November 4, 2011

Yoga and South Park

 I haven't talked about my love life in a hot minute. I wanted to pause when I got back to the states. But, lady luck is never on a schedule.  Now, I'm almost 2 months in a new relationship and I'm feeling squirmy again.  Is that an accurate description?
Here's the deal. I tried breaking it off with the OG , but things are easier said than done. It sucks that I can't just break it off because I want to be single. The reason has to involve a new guy.
"I hope your new thang is worth it"
Really? My new "thang" is yoga and south park. And I got hit up the next morning about a sex dream...

  I really just want to be fucking single. Jesus. I know I'm getting older. With a 25 year old birthday around the corner, but I'm not ready to be in a serious relationship. I'm just not. I enjoy my Independence way too much. And if that makes me a harlot, or a spinster, then so fucking be it.  


Goldarr said...

Maybe it isn't explicitly a new guy, but the opportunity to meet someone new.

Harlot? Interesting choice of words. Why would you use that?

Tinapunk said...

You know I'm always down to meet someone new. But the new guy just smothered me a bit. And harlot, I guess it's just how I imagine society pictures me.