August 24, 2011


I'm in my room in Atlantic Beach, Fl, USA. Everything that I want to say has to do with the fact that I'm back in the Estados Unidos and not in Espania.
If I think about it for too long, my heart starts to hurt a little bit.
Also, I don't know where to start. But, as my friend said last night, "You got on a plane..."
When I left for Spain, I left my laptop at home and cancelled my cell phone. Which I still don't have.  I didn't tell anyone, just poof. Gone, which is really how I wanted to experience Spain. Disconnected.

Nina's house. Pessac, FR.

 I'm in that post-travel-depression state. I feel a little lost and lonely. Lost because I have no idea as to what my next step is.  Lonely might be due to the fact that my friends in Florida haven't exactly been welcoming. I miss Nina and Tona. One in France, the other in Spain.

Nina and I. Bordeaux, FR.

But, I'm about to go to Radioshack to get a new phone. Then I've got to call my job, so I can start subbing again. Start making that paper. And, then I'll be fully plugged back into the system.  

p.s. I'll have a new #, but it will still be 918. HOLLLLLA.
p.s.s. Si quieres hablar el español con mi, dime!!! Necesito el recordar mi español!

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