August 26, 2011

Welcome Back!!

I'm so glad I'm back in Florida, yall. YAYYYYYYYY.
Just kiddin it's actually not that bad right now. I was on the beach most of yesterday, and although, it was quite windy, it seemed okay. Not safe enough to swim in though.

The one thing, I keep thinking...this is taking up my beach time.  There's only a good 2 (maybe 3) weeks left of warm weather, and this hurricane thing is eating up my time.

Come on already... I don't got time for this shit.

p.s. I also left spain with a bad habit. Smoking. When I got to the volunteer house, I found out that all the volunteers smoke. So, of course, I started too. The upside: Hand-rolling. Slightly healthier.
Yeah, I know it will still kill me. But, I look so coooool. 

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