June 18, 2011

here ze go:

bits & pieces

1. im typing this on a dutch keyboard, where keys are just different enough to screw my flow majorly.
heres a sentence wo paying attention: i q, burgos; spqin zith sqrqh fro, belgiu:  = i am in burgos, spain with Sarah from belgium.

2. 3 weeks in spain and i am getting better at spanish, but i still suck. i am desperately trying though. And it gets better when ive had a few beers.

3. Burgos has this radio station that kicks all other usa stations asses. it plays a great mix of international songs, heavy on the american songs. i wish america would try and embrace european culture, but all we get is the Becks and other stupid crap.

4. The rest of the world has a ratio of 3:1 for women to man, but in Spain, its 1:3 for woman to men. So, yeah, Spanish men. So far, no one has caught my eye. That could be do to the fact that the majority of my time is spent in La Aldea, a village of 6 people. But thats ok, too.