February 7, 2010

Post # 3

The problem that has no name is the feeling that housewives felt during the 50's and 60's. It was a feeling of dissatisfaction. The reason the problem is nameless is simple, its because the women we unsure for the reason of their dissatisfaction. They were told for their whole lives that the purpose of their lives is to be a wife, a mother. They were also told that they should be satisfied and happy with that.
When Friedan dropped her own career to pursue the The Feminine Mystique it made her question a lot of different things, and it changed her opinion of women who have done similar things.
Feminism is definitely held hostage to the beauty myth. Women are still expected to look beautiful while achieving success everywhere else. Not only do women need to have their nails done, but they also need to have 2.3 kids and have a career. The standards for women have been changing, but not in the right direction. Women are more than ever anxious about their bodies, and worried about the opinions of other men and women. I know that I have problems over my own weight and I'm fairly successful and educated. Its a problem that affects all women across all generations.

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