February 7, 2010

Post # 4

I think that some of the general ideas that I've found during the readings all surround the theory that things need to change and that although things have changed, they just haven't changed the way the need to. Yes, women are able to vote. Yes, women are able to have careers. The problem lies within marketing. At what point does one person say, enough is enough?
Social constructing is everywhere, no matter where you look, you are likely to see some evidence of social construction. Body image and sexual attraction is very molded by social ideals. Men are supposed to be attracted to thin, tall, and blonde woman. Where as women are told that to be wanted by men, we need to try and fit those descriptions. The blonde can be Bernette, thats okay, but the woman can NOT be fat, that is not okay.
I'll use my brother as an example. He has been hugely affected by advertising and such. He believes that his girl friend should be thin, tall and talented. I have tried to explain to him, that such a person is rare and its not good to limit yourself like that. My brother will not budge, and if women continue to strive for these ideals, he won't have to.

The perfect women does not exsist. Once we stop trying to achieve a specific look, we, as women can focus of trying to perfect other aspects of our lives.

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