February 28, 2010

Blog # 6- Cosmetic Surgery

Lizard Man- trying to change his body as much as he can to resemble a lizard. In society he is deemed as an outcast.
I'm not sure who this lady is, but its clear she has had plenty of plastic surgery. Who is more acceptable, her or lizard man? Or neither??

This women went to a consult while writing a paper about plastic surgery. The surgeon told her that she needed to change all of those things.

Cosmetic surgery was initially created for fixing soldiers hurt or disfigured in combat or other situations. Since, then cosmetic surgery has done a complete 360 to be focused primarily on women and their "problems". Cosmetic surgery is focused on women, because that's where the money lies. Cosmetic industries were already making a killing off of advertisements towards women, and the surgery industry just jumped on board.

Plastic surgery is a tough subject. On one hand, I completely oppose 90% of the surgeries that are preformed on a daily basis. Although, on the other hand the 10% of surgeries really do some good. Plastic surgery isn't all boob jobs, theres lots of reconstruction surgery for burn victims or other victims of violence. I think these types of surgeries are excellent and help the self-esteem of the victim.

It honestly, all comes down to the reason behind the surgery. Are you getting it for yourself or are you getting it to please your significant other?

Plastic surgery is a form of enhancement and altering the body, which is the category as tattoos and piercings. If one is allowed to get DDD and it be acceptable, one should be allowed to turn their body into a lizard.

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