June 21, 2009

You say bitter, I say realistic

I feel as if I have much to say, but I'm tired of being a broken record. My life doesn't seem chaotic, it seems simple, and easy. I'm happy, and I love the people in my life. Really what else matters?

Its important to remember things like that. Although, someone very close and dear to my heart is away right now.

I miss my sister.

Its funny how connected you can become with one person once you open up and let them inside. Funny, how I haven't been able to do that with a boy, since, well.....Nick. Yeah, I would say Nick was the last guy that truly knew me. He was my first for a lot of things. Now, hes living in Georgia, and has a baby with girl who works as a bartender. Ha. Maybe they're happy, I wish them happiness.

Maybe you can be happy with just a man and a baby.

I can't. I need more. Maybe down the road, I'll have a child. But I don't plan on being married to the father. I'll be like Selma Hayek when she just had the child of the billionaire but wouldn't marry, they lived in separate cities. Her in New York and him in Paris, ahhh, that would be sweet. Although, important factors are in that equation: MONEY and TRUST.

I do know one thing for fucking sure.... I will be the hippie mother who puts her child in a bee outfit. :)

A conversation overheard at Bonnaroo 06'

A mother and son(about 4 yrs. old) are walking back to their tent and they pass a man selling some pipes

Son: I want to stop...
Mother: No, come on.
S: What are those, mommy?
M: Those are pipes, used for smoking Marijuana, but we don't do that....
-As they start to walk away-
S: But I saw daddy with one of those...

Ahh, that made me smile.

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