June 13, 2009

Men need clear instuctions....

Hmm....So, apparently everything needs to be laid out for men.
Nothing should be assumed. I thought that possibly, maybe I was a bitch for telling these boys how they should treat girls, but according to that guy, I'm not.
Thank god.

Cause, guys seem to need a lot help. Case in point: Guys come over to hang out with me and my younger sister, were eating pizza and whatnot. Well these boys have not had to get up to get anything, we got everything for them. (Maybe that was our first problem) But at the end of our meal, I asked "The Stoner" if he would put our plates up, his repronse ," Already?"
Implying that I was already asking him to do things....I got pissed off, and just put the plates up myself, then he went off saying how he was joking and what not.
My sister just gives him a dirty look, and he says to her, "well, its only our second date"
And her fucking response: "Doesn't matter, you should already be treating her like a princess"

Ahhh, I love her.
But its true, I mean, if your not polite, and helpful now......are you really going to change?

I'm not holding my breath.

You know the media could have something to do with the current state of men, and their respect level....maybe they just think you can buy her something shiny to make her forget your asshole ways.

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