August 19, 2012

Hot People: Olympic Ed.

Better late than never...
Aly Raisman


It's been a busy weekend of work. Which is what my last weekends have looked like. But, I've managed to still enjoy myself here and there. 

I'm actually dealing with quite a bit of drama. Someone has taken what I put on the internet and is twisting it into something else, and has apparently given them to his lawyer and such.  This person found these offensive things on the internet by googling my name. 
There is so much wrong with everything that I just said, and I don't even know where to start. 
It's the fucking internet!!! Free speech should apply here in almost all cases. 

Oh,  and I have instagram now: 666tinapunk

Enjoy the Hot People!!

Michael Phelps

Evelyn Cates


p.s. if you find what I post offensive, as I've said before: kindly go put your opinions where the sun don't shine. Also, it helps if you don't fucking read/view what I post. :)

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